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now, the president and inspector general of amtrak and the united transportation union testified before congress. they discussed recovering $20 million in overpayments and the company's restructuring plan. from the house transportation and infrastructure committee. this is about two hours. >> good morning. i would like to call this hearing of the house transportation infrastructure committee to order. >> we are pleased to conduct this full committee oversight hearing on amtrak and today -- the title of today's hearing is getting back on track, a review of amtrak's structural reorganization. so welcome and we'll have -- we have one panel of witnesses today. and the order of business will be that i will start with an opening statement, provide some background, and will yield to mr. cummings this morning, and other members who wish to be heard, then we'll turn to our witnesses. we'll hear from all of them and then go to questions. pleased to welcome, again, everyone this morning. now, this is one of a number, we have actually held fourth in a series of full committee oversight heari
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1